From the seed to the tree 

Being experts in your ecosystem, an extension of your tree.

Have you ever think why do you always get the same cold beer in your favorite bar?

Why my teacher taught me this particular knowledge in this international program?

How do we always produce the same quality of tomatoes in supermarkets?

Simples things apparently, complex interactions in fact.

Process, complexity & systemic analysis has no secret to us.

Let us know if you are into food & beverage processing, education, neo-farming, sustainable production…


Beer processing 


We went up the whole production chain.

From the exceptional cold beer in our favorite place in Lyon.

To the brewer master in Alsace and finally the best equipment producer in Pune.

Beer is a wide green field animated by passionate makers.


Industrial sourcing


For industrials, it’s a complex decision to decide which process needs to be integrated.

Moreover, sometimes it’s impossible.

A strong supply chain is required. 

From high precision ceramics to Ayurveda passing by customized handmade jewelry.

India is full of talented people with incredible growth in production factors.


Education & career 


We all know how difficult it is to know the future.

We all have to do with studies and career choices.

Many people are lost because of wrong perceptions and pressure.

After meeting so many people last year all around the world.

We can tell you, everything is possible with a plan, objectives, and passion. 


Get the Indo-French news, directly from the field 

INdustream INdo-French bridge

Business is business.

Humans drive business.

The world is a system full of humans, animated by interaction.

INteract & think global.


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