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Citizen of the world since 1997, 1997 & 1992

International business since 2015.

Entrepreneurs since 2018.

Consultancy since 2020.

Industream Export since 2021.

From France to India, we’ve spent our lives exploring and meeting those who make the world go round.

Only solutions

Who We Are

12+ Years experience in Business

Do you know what happens when French and Indians are in a British university together?

They open a company in India, where things happen nowadays. 

No business model, no business plan, and a whole continent to explore and understand.

Only one certitude, India is the country of the 21st century.

Since 2021, during the complex period, we walked all around the country, on the field.

Who can better know than those who dare to go outside their system and comfort zone?

We are citizens of the world, walkers, learners, and sometimes teachers.


All over India

4088 kilometers walked this last year only.

18 980 floors climbed.

Same shoes, minimalists, and well designed.

World explorers, learners.

We connect and advise. 

Doers meetings

Country visited

World adventurers

Cities in India visited

Offices spaces


Our Experts

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Clara Girard

Clara Girard



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Gurval Corneille

Gurval Corneille

Managing Director


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Kunal Adhikari

Kunal Adhikari

Co founder


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Industream Team

Work smart not hard & play harder.

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